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Silo Stone of Support

Silo Stone of Support


When we first started raising funds for the downpayment of the new barn, we offered engraved stones in our "Silo of Support" for our top donors!  Since that time, SEVERAL have asked if they could purchase a new stone but we were so busy we didn't slow down to make it happen!  Well, seems we have nothing but time on our hands now!  For a donation of $500, you can engrave a stone for the sidewalk in the silo.  Your message of hope will be a lasting part of the barn's story for generations to come! 


Once a donation is recieved we will mail you the engrave stone form that allows you to select your message!  We will wait until we have a bulk amount of stones and then send the requests to the engraver and have them installed. Please note the process can take up to a year from donation to stone installation. If you have specific questions, please contact Abby directly at 

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