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Help us light up your life!

Thank you for coming to see our Musical Light Show!  

When life gives you a global pandemic, we put up some Christmas lights...and I guess we'll just leave them up! 

Here's some general info our about Musical Light Shows:

  • The light show is FREE, but donations are appreciated! Some months donations will be collected on behalf of local non-profits. 

  • Each show lasts approx 30-45 minutes with fun themed "commercials" in between! 

  • If you'd like a front row spot, please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before the show begins. 

  • Unless otherwise posted, the Barn III lobby will be closed and the light show not be staffed.  During special seasons/holidays we may host an outdoor bar and have the lobby open and available to the public.  Please plan ahead!  Bathrooms will not be available unless specifically listed in our publicity. 

  • The show will play come rain or shine (or snow) but sometimes major technical errors can occur due to power outages - all cancellations will be posted on our social media pages as soon as we are aware of them. 

  • You are welcome to get out of your car and dance! 

  • Please be mindful of  your car battery!  Over the holiday season, we would regularly have to jump car batteries.  If you put your engine into standby mode and only listen to the radio it can quickly drain your battery!  

  • Please know if you've arrived to see a show...and for some reason it's not playing there may have been a weather related or technical difficulty.  We are not always on site when the show is running unless we have stated that the Barn will be open on the schedule listed above!  If you pull in and it's not playing, send us a facebook message and we'll do our best to make it happen.  Alas, we may not be able to help in the moment!  

If the show brought you joy and hope, we know we accomplished our goal! 

If you feel compelled to donate, please click on the link above.  All donations go to support the ongoing maintenance of the twinkling lights.  If advertised, proceeds may go to support local non-profits or community groups.  We are honored to pay forward the generosity that was shown to us during 2020! 

Thank you for supporting entertainment &

the arts in the cornfields of Goodfield!  

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