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Meet The Barn III Team

Abby with the barn 2.JPG

Abby Reel


Owner, producer, mom and entrepreneur!  Abby is the "passionate to a point of action" person behind The Barn III rebuild. She's one busy gal but if you need to contact her directly, you can reach her at Fair warning, it may take a few days to hear back! Email Lu first if you need an answer immediately! 

Luann Claudin.jpeg

Luann Claudin

Box Office Manager

Group Sales Coordinator

Executive Assistant

Need tickets? Want to book a group? Have questions about the history of the Barn or how you can be involved more? Lu's your gal! She keeps the ship sailing and our customer's informed! You can reach Luann directly at


Sara Thomas

Finance & Operations Manager

Sara is generally behind the scenes making all the things function! If you need MORE INFO about anything at The Barn, Sara's your girl! You can reach Sara directly at:


Kris Thomas

Head Chef

You can find Kris in the kitchen...or being awesome and mowing the Barn's yard. 


Rebekah Elder

Weddings & Special Events Manager

Rebekah is Abby's stunt double! If you don't see Abby around, you'll see Rebekah! She manages all things weddings, communication and scheduling. You can reach Rebekah directly by emailing:


Gina Cooper

Dining Manager 


You can find Gina on the floor, in the kitchen, in the laundry room, pulling weeds, folding hand towels or painting set.  If you find her, she'll be on the move, that's for sure! 


Naki Schrock 

Bar Manager

You can find Naki on the floor, in the kitchen, leading flip crew or generally being a positive and amazing person wherever she may be! 

Tracy Simmons .JPG

Tracy Simmons

Technical Director

Marketing Manager

"Ambassador of Buzz"

Tracy can be found in the shop, designing on her laptop or building something fantastic and wonderful on the Barn's stage! If you need to reach Tracy you can email her at:

 Phone: 309-965-2545

 Address: 1451 Timberline Road, Goodfield, IL 61742 


Box Office (Manager):

Weddings & Events:  



Thanks for your message! We'll be in touch real soon...if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!

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