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Small Town Prices - Big City Experience

Your wedding shouldn't break the bank and at the Barn III we strive to make your planning experience as easy as possible!  When you book with us, you get the Barn and the Bling too! The Barn III's rental cost includes ALL the linens, napkins, overlays, table runners, basic silk florals & several other perks that would cost you extra anywhere else (kiss cam, ceiling drape, wood slabs, signage, designated wedding team and more). With all of the bling included, we are one of the most affordable venues in Central Illinois! Let us do the heavy lifting, you do the kissing!

"We've always been different...why change now?"

The Barn III is NOT your typical venue.  Likewise, we are not your typical barn.  A florist who did a wedding with us described us as "The Ritz Carlton of Barns". We are different...but not just because we are new. The truth is we have more longevity and experience in the hospitality industry than the many trendy venues who've popped up in the last 10 years. We have been hosting and entertaining 200+ guests per night every weekend for over 45 years. It started with dinner theatre in 1975 in an old angus cattle barn and in 2019 we expanded our culture of hospitality and customer service to weddings and special events...the barn changed a bit, but the culture remains...NOW in a brand spanking new barn.  The Barn LOVES taking care of people, anyway we can, to help you enjoy your day! And when you book your wedding at The Barn, you'll experience the difference from the ease of scheduling a tour to the details of the big day. And, by the end of the night, when you're super exhausted and our staff loads your gifts and your carefully wrapped cake top into your car for safe travel, you'll be so glad you tried something different. 

What’s included with a Barn III Wedding/Reception Rental: 

Check out our Barn Bling page for a list of everything we offer when you book The Barn III!


What the Barn III Costs:

Non-Dinner Theatre Months

January, May, June, July, September

2025 Rental 

Reception Only

(one day rental)

7:00am to Midnight


Ceremony & Reception

(two day rental - REQUIRED*)

7:00am to Midnight

Includes your choice of two days depending on our current schedule


*If you are having your ceremony with us, you automatically book the evening before your big day for your rehearsal. We highly recommend you allow us to cater your rehearsal dinner on site. Instead of having your party drive to multiple locations and worry about meeting your reservation time (you never know how long the actual ceremony rehearsal might last depending on your details!), you can sit back and relax once you’ve rehearsed and enjoy a drink from the bar and some delicious Barn III cuisine! Please note: if you do choose to have us cater your rehearsal dinner, you will pick from our food/booze menu and that will be added to your final invoice.

What these things WILL cost you at any of our local competitors...who shall not be named:

(legit pricing, we called, emailed, waited around forever for someone to respond...) 

We feel your pain, which is why we post all our details so you don't have to wonder.

Based on 200 Guests - 25 Tables 

Venue Rental - $4,000 - $10,000 (just for the venue, no extra stuff or food)

Linen Rental - $25/table = $625

Wedding Chair Rental - $3/chair = $600

Tent Rental - $2,000/day = $4,000

Chivari Chair Rental - $5/chair = $1,000

Centerpieces - $30/table = $750

PA Service Rental - $75/day = $150

Live Stream Photo Booth - $300/day 

Tables - $15/table = $375 

Tent lighting package - $650

AV Projector/Slideshow - $250

Rustic Wood Arbor - $250

Table Settings (silverware, etc) - $10/table - $200 (plus who's setting it up? ugh.)

One venue we know charges just to turn on the tent lights...just to turn them on!!! 

Food and service fees - don't event get us started. 

The following items will be assessed to your final invoice as needed. At The Barn III, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible with our pricing. With other venues, you might experience minimum requirements, additional charges for set-up, tear-down, tent rental, chair rental, table rental, etc. Almost all of these items are included when you choose us! Once again, check out our Barn Bling!

Holiday Wedding

Contact us for a specific quote!

15% will be added to your final food/alcohol invoice*

Additional Outdoor Sound Requirements

$100 - $500 depending on your needs


*18% gratuity is standard at all local banquet facilities—be confident in the service you receive wherever you book!


A deposit of 50% of the venue rental is required to secure your date. The remaining 50% is due at your tasting appointment. We accept cash, check and credit card. An additional service fee of 3% will be added to any invoice over $500 that is paid via credit card.

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