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Thank you to all our "Barn Raising" Campaign Donors!

On Labor Day 2017, we announced the news that the Barn III would rise again...but it would take a community to make it happen!  Thanks to over 400 donors we raised $89,148.25 towards our goal of $100,000.  We are thrilled to announce that with the partnership of Morton Community Bank and Springfield GrowthCorp the Barn will rise again! On May 16th we officially ended our "Barn Raising Campaign" and signed on our loan.  The $1.5 million dollar rebuild project is underway!


While we are still accepting donations during this new phase, the perks of t-shirts and "Barn Bucks" of the campaign have ended. We will still acknowledge our donors in the programs and with sidewalk stones, etc.  If you are interested in making a donation in exchange for marketing in our facility, please contact Abby directly at   

Please Note:

If you'd prefer to mail your donation, please send checks to:

"The Barn III" P.O. Box 310, Goodfield, IL 61742 

The Barn III is a for-profit organization so your gift is not tax deductible.  

Hopefully your REWARD and RECOGNITION will make it worth your hard earned dollars!

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