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If the good Lord's willing...
and the creek don't rise!

The Barn Dinner Theatre opened its doors on Halloween 1975 and has been entertaining audiences ever since! Chaunce Conklin and Mary Simon renovated the old Angus cattle barn and operated successfully until August 2015 when a massive wind storm left the venue inoperable.  An ongoing insurance battle has kept Mary and the Conklin Players in a constant state of flux, performing as best they could at venues across central Illinois. 

Generations of theater lovers fondly remember moments at The Barn II with sweethearts, old friends, family members and more.  Here's our new vision to provide the same quality entertainment in a unique, adaptable venue that will support our community for generations to come.

The Barn III will continue to be the home of the Conklin Players and Dinner Theatre but will open the barn doors for weddings, community events, fundraisers, corporate meetings, musical artists, fitness classes and more throughout the year! While it is sad to see the old barn go - we plan to reclaim as many elements as possible for the rebuild and our designs reflect the integrity and feel of the original barn itself. 

After the rebuild is complete, Abby and Mary will operate as job share partners, co-managing all aspects of the venue. Together they will usher in a new chapter of the barn's story.  One filled with hope, new direction and growth.  

The Barn III Mission:  

The Barn III is committed to...

     -Supporting our local community

     -Providing a unique and functional space for special events

     -Presenting top-quality entertainment for all audiences

     -Delivering outstanding customer service  

If you are interested in partnering with us, please visit the "Donate" page to learn more. Thank you ALL for your continued support of the Barn II Dinner Theatre and Conklin Players. As Mary used to say after every performance at the Barn, "We'll see ya real soon, if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!" 

God Bless,

Mary Simon & Abby Reel 


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